1545704_10151826662186485_67313926_nDon’t you just love the taste of a steaming hot cup of tea when you come in from the pouring rain? The moment when you step through your door and the warmth of your home, your safe haven, grips you like a warm blanket. Taking off your wet coat and putting the kettle on, waiting for it to boil. The feeling of the cold weather cutting through your bones and the feeling that only a steaming hot drink can defrost your insides thoroughly, you prepare your favourite mug as the steam starts to rise and the welcoming, friendly rumble comes as the kettle picks up momentum as it reaches its boiling point. You can hear the rain still thudding on the kitchen window. You pour the water and you can already smell the lovely sweet smell of your favourite teabag exploding with flavour, you take your steaming mug through to the living room and settle into your favourite chair whilst holding your mug. Your hands begin to tingle as your fingers grip the hot mug and they start to thaw, you can feel the steam against your face as you go for that first sip. Finally the warm liquid surges through your mouth, down your throat and with each sip you can feel your insides warm up and glow, your whole body physically relaxes and you melt with relaxation. That is why I love the ritual of having a steaming cup of tea after coming in from the pouring rain, with that thought alone I can get through anything. I am home!