Routine, warmth, toys and family,

Those special hugs all tight and cosy.

Your play-mates are grandparents, cousins, family and children from school.

But you have to play with the friend that’s coming for tea that day,

That is the rule!

The world is your very own playground,

Everything can be used.

With that little bit of imagination,

It’s amazing what you can do.

But just like that it changes,

From that bubble kind of world.

When the fog begins to separate and the real world you start to shine.

When the realisation hits you,

This world is not just mine.

Frustration and torment of everything around,

Feeling anguish over the YOU, you’ve not yet found.

Frustration and anger of every lost word,

The want to be a person,

With your own worth.

The feeling of wanting to be able, legal and counted.

But still you are just a kid,

With a lot yet to learn.

But people just do not get that life is raw and dangerous with innocent confused minds,

It can often make your stomach churn.

You see teenagers do not have it all,

They can fall down just as hard.

They see more than most and although they don’t have much life experience yet,

They experience more than emotional harm.


By Liz Daniels