As I sit down to write this post for tomorrow (because I’ve just discovered how to schedule posts) I notice it is 11pm, I started my writing day at 8pm and will probably carry on until around 2am. This has got me thinking about other writers’ habits, where do people write? Their favourite times to write and any rituals they have as they write.

I know everyone is different and looking at the great novelists of the past there are many that work early in the morning, equally many that work mainly in the evening. The problem is I work on and off throughout the day as well. I still haven’t found my ‘spot’ yet where I feel I work best and I don’t really have a regime yet. All I know is I do write during the day, but definitely work best at night.

When do other people write? I would love to hear your regimes, ideas, thoughts and especially any advice.

I look forward to reading your comments!