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ImageWinter months can be so depressing, with its cold, dark and miserable days. Actually it is a good job Christmas and New Year is in winter because it is doubtable whether people would actually survive.

It is even worse if you have a disability, I have cerebral palsy (C.P.) and with that, the cold months are just simply hard work! In fact if there was ever a pill invented to skip the winter months and head straight into spring. I would be first on their waiting list to play lab guinea pig!

Between the stiffness, tightness, soreness and tiredness (S.T.S.T.) loop you keep going through, it is just torture. Even to do the simplest of tasks, for example going to the local shops, takes a full on mental preparation as though you are psyching yourself up for a fight. Like a boxer going into the ring.

Cerebral palsy, or C.P. as I shall call it from now on, especially spastic C.P. creates muscle tightness which is caused by the damage or dysfunction of the motor cortex. In essence this affects the axon neurons which travel from the brain to the spinal-cord which in turn sends messages to the muscles, this means the muscles affected by the part of the brain which is damaged have problems with functionality and excess tension.

Needless to say this excess tension is not helped in cold weather and all though (under normal circumstances) with the help from physio and relaxation techniques this can be reduced, unless someone is willing to pay for peoples own private physio/masseuse to give them a session every time they leave their homes when it’s cold (cheques in the mail please) winter will continue to be their muscles worst enemy.

Then there is the pain, have you ever gotten the kind of muscle pain which is associated to holding yourself tight for long periods of time and subsequently when you do relax it feels like you have done ten hours in the gym? Welcome to my world baby! That’s what some people with C.P. get the pleasure of every time it gets cold and for several hours after.

Finally there is the tiredness, this is the bit that is the most annoying and inconvenient. The majority of people will get lethargic during the winter months anyway, but when you are in this S.T.S.T loop (as I call it) and you sleep for long periods of time it can get really depressing (for you and your social life). People like myself with C.P. who don’t let their disability rule their life, this time of year can be a real internal battle. You don’t want to let your disability affect the way you live your life, but when your body doesn’t appreciate cold weather you have to go to great lengths to fight against it.

Luckily for some (like myself) who has a great job which can be achieved from home, this time of year allows me to dedicate more time to work on my writing and more time to save money towards the other nine months of the year where I am more mobile.

So the moral of the story is, although it may seem like during the winter months I am a depressive hermit, in truth I am just nesting away and saving money for those crazy warm months to come. BRING IT ON!