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I haven’t written a post on my blog for a few days now, as more and more work is coming forward for me. It is a great that this is happening but I do not want to neglect my blog, or my readers.

I am going to be more proactive with keeping on top of my blog posts from now on, but I wondered what people thought of my blog so far? I still don’t feel like it has a strong enough theme running through it, so I was wondering if people could give me some advice.

As you know I really enjoy my weekly challenges but I feel like there should be more, the freelance work I have been doing at the moment includes a lot of article writing. Do you think I should add some of this style writing to my blog or should I stick to the creative side, with my short stories and poetry?

There is no right or wrong answer to this I am just intrigued at what other people thought, especially those of you who have had a blog for a long time. If you have a chance please leave me a message and tell me what you think? I look forward to hearing from you.