friday fictioneer 1st aug 2014 view-from-the-plane

Dear Mum,

As I sit here now on my flight home I can barely believe this day has arrived. It has been 12 months since I saw you and dad, as well as my beautiful Gemma and baby boy Jack. No one could of prepared me for how hard it has been. As I look around me now and I see all my friends eager to reach our homeland I can’t help but notice those that didn’t make it, James, Mark, Kevin and so many more. What a bittersweet celebration it will be, even though I shall see you in just a few hours I wanted to be able to write you this letter and have the joy of delivering it myself.

With eternal thanks to you for the letters and calls you sent me which kept me going.

Your little soldier

Ken xx


Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this weeks ‘Friday Fictioneers’  Take a look and see what you can do 🙂 Highly recommended!