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IMG_5338Wartime commemorations dashed as 3 wartime medals are stolen from Beechwood charity shop Heald Green Stockport.

On 6th  August 2014 volunteers at the Beechwood charity shop were mortified to find the 3 medals missing just days after the display in the window was opened, both the volunteers and community had donated a many number of articles to commemorate World War 1.

Following the incident many items had to be returned in fear of the perpetrators returning.

Two of the medals were awarded for service to the forces, described as being gold in colour and inscribed with the names R Davies and W Read.

The third medal was awarded for valour, it is silver and inscribed with the name R Read.

IMG_5335The community has been horrified at this immoral act of the people, which fought for our country.

Heald Green is a close community and many people have expressed their horror of such an act when talking to the volunteer staff following the incident. Police are still searching for answers.

By Liz Daniels