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begin-the-routeNever in a million years would I believe I was here, now, looking at her dead body laid out on a hospital bed. It only seems like a week ago we started our big adventure. Illinois to LA, just me, her and route 66. We’d planned it for so long, and now this was our time. She had just got the all clear from cancer, and we had a one-way ticket to the perfect future. Best friends forever. Well, that is what I thought. However, it is clear now that that is exactly what she wanted, she wanted me to feel like that, she wanted her last few weeks chemo free and with me. I should be angry, hurt or let down in some way. However, sitting here now reading her letter she’d written to me and carried all this way, thinking of all the memories we shared on this trip and our life, all I feel is honour. Honour to of known this beautiful woman and honour to call her my best friend. If I can be half the woman she was I know ill be fine.

Word Count: 188

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this weeks ‘Friday Fictioneers’  Take a look and see what you can do 🙂 Highly recommended!